About Us

Since 1989, MERCHANTS OF GOLF has been an industry leader designing and developing top quality golf equipment for entry level golfers. Our goal has been and will continue to be to produce the highest quality products at the most affordable prices. Merchant’s employees have over 100 years of golf industry experience and our design team continues to introduce products that are on the leading edge of technology.

We manufacture the following:

  • Our flagship Junior Clubs and bags are technically superior to any sets on the market. Merchants offers a full range of golf sets as well as individual clubs from drivers to wedges in each of 4 different age groups engineered differently for each age group.
  • The Tour X2 Teen set is a full set of clubs designed with specific head weights and shaft lengths for teenagers that are still not quite ready for an adult set.
  • Adult beginners can purchase an affordable set of clubs that have many of the same design features and materials that are incorporated into the sets used by more experienced players.
  • Easy Caddy Travel Covers, Tour X gloves and utility clubs are available enhance to the total golfing experience.
  • Left Handed golfers have a variety of choices.